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“Capoeira is a dancer’s fight… It is a gladiator dance… It is a duel of comrades… It is a game, it is a dance, it is a dispute – a perfect symbiosis of force and rhythm, poetry and agility, the only art form where the movements are commanded by music and singing.

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Silva Technique

Silva Technique is a fusion of Brazilian Contemporary dances with a strong emphasis on Capoeira movements, and modern dance foundations. It has been revolutionizing dance in the world today and has been made popular by professional companies such as Dance Brasil.

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Afro Brazilian

The culture of Brazil is a colorful blend of different ethnicities. The African influences are strongest in the North. Afro-Brazilian dance is full of spontaneous, soulful, exotic, and enerovement that will energize your body and spirit.

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Silva Dance Company

Founded by renowned dancers Leandro Santos Silva and Janete Silva, the Silva Dance Company provides a masterful look into the art of Brazilian Dance.

Sharing our culture is our passion.