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Alternative Society

Alternative Society

Hosted by: Leandro Silva
Location: Manhattan Bridges High School | NYC
Date: 3-21-2018

Alternative Society opened with a great energy in “Segredo Da Fe.” It was a perfect indication that the night would be filled with great dancing powered by a cultural experience.

Overall, Alternative Society held true to the purpose of the show, which was to highlight society constantly evolving.

A message from Silva Dance Company:
While we, as members of this society, grow with these changes  we still have primal urges that date back to the beginning of time, including the urge, or tendency,  to conform and confine ourselves to a mold. We are seen as “other” when we strive to break the chains of conventionality, oppression and suppression. Ultimately, however, as humans we are resilient.  We always find a way to overcome and celebrate life.

A wonderful variety of multicultural entertainment…
-Dance Mogul Magazine

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